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Serch Engine Optimization general tips

Below are the general tips for Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Make sure your Website is completely finished, spell checked, online and all the links are working properly before submitting to search engines.
  2. Try to include ‘robots.txt’ to prevent spiders from crawling certain directories.(For more in-depth study of robots please visit:
  3. If a site was developed in a language other than HTML, make sure that there’s AT LEAST SOME static content for the spider to read.
  4. Try and get on Dmoz if you are not already on there.
  5. Read each search engines guidelines and follow them strictly.
  6. Use the Meta tags in all pages.
  7. For getting proper keywords that commonly used, go to:Keyword suggestions toolOther online tools:



  8. For checking keyword density analysis visit:a)
  9. If you are using frames, try to include <noframes></noframes> tag with keyword rich content in the main page (the page that contains <FRAMESET> tags).
  10. Keep all your content in the root directory if possible.
  11. Don’t use images for links to important content pages. If you do, add ALT tags.
  12. Do not try to cover too many topics on one page, as it will dilute the relevancy for your targeted key phrase.
  13. Try to include your company’s physical address on your site, including a telephone number.
  14. Make sure your home page should load in 8-10 seconds or less with a 56K modem.( )
  15. Optimize your images and keep the page size low.
  16. Try to use CSS data as an external file and call it by using <link> tag
  17. Use the longer or plural version of a keyword, where possible.
  18. Try to register your domain name with the exact keyword phrase you are targeting, using hyphens to separate the keywords.(eg: if the keyword phrase is “star hotels Kochi”, then your domain:
  19. Update your important pages at regular intervals.
  20. Check your site from broken links periodically.